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Comment Policy

What good is a blog if nobody reads it, or worse, nobody comments? I guess that depends upon the quality of the comments. (I don’t need to discuss the quality of the blog because, duh, it’s FABULOUS!)

Anyway, since I’m a responsible and upfront kinda girl, I think it’s important for you to know how I feel about things you want to say. Obviously, I LOVE your comments — especially when they are glowing and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Those are the best kind of comments. However, even the thought-provoking (maybe a tad negative) comments are important, because they help me to grow as a writer, better understand my readers, and consider how my words are being interpreted. These sorts of comments also help me know what you’re thinking and what you think I’m thinking!

So, we’ve established that COMMENTS ARE GOOD.

Okay…not *all* of them, and you should know which kind I’m talking about…so, here’s my official COMMENT POLICY:

  1. Please Comment. I’m nothing without you.
  2. Please Be Polite. You may disagree with me, but don’t be a bully and don’t be a contrarian just because you think it’s attractive, fashionable or appealing. (It’s not). If you can be agreeably disagreeable, then I agree to let you disagree. However, if you are rude, abusive, insulting, obnoxious or crass, you will not have the pleasure of seeing your words on my blog.
  3. Please Do Not Use Bad Language . Yes, I realize that my daughter curses like a truck driving sailor, but she doesn’t comment here, and if she does, she knows to use words with more than four letters. [Dear daughter: Your mama loves you, but not your language. Here is your bar of soap. When you are finished, I might have to borrow it for rude commenters.]
  4. Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken, and besides, anonymity is really unattractive.
  5. Please don’t pimp your site in a comment. If you want me to show you some blogĀ love, then share it with me in an email. If I love you, you’ll be the first to know. I promise.

Here’s the moral of the story: Be nice, be honest, be yourself, be respectful and be cool. Do not be uncouth or use dirty words.

If you can’t do that, I won’t approve your comments. Don’t make me press “spam” or “delete.” I hate that.

Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE COMMENT!

~ Cari


(Okay…not HERE. You can’t comment HERE. I mean on a POST! Duh.)