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About Me

Cari De La Cruz is a gastric bypass patient who happily maintains a weight loss of half her original body weight. She loves to share about her amazing Bariatric After Life™ because she knows “you can’t keep it if you don’t give it away.”

Through passion, humor and truth she helps others achieve success in their own weight loss journeys and freedom from their food addiction. She can be seen doing witty and informative product reviews and discussing weight loss surgery “stuff” on her YouTube channel, Tweeting about her latest blog or epiphany, offering positive inspiration on Facebook, chronicling weighty matters on her blog, or talking about all of it at as a keynote speaker at obesity related events, conferences and educational forums.

An outspoken advocate for obesity rights, her ardent desire is to shape the discussion, change societal attitudes, and offer hope to those who battle the disease of obesity, every day.